One More Tomorrow

“What a beautiful and enthralling story of obedience, patience, romance and redeeming love. From the very first line to the final pages, I was swept away! You will enjoy every moment of this novel too!” ~ Danielle Macaulay, author of “Table Talk: Family Dinner Devos” and “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!”, blogger at frommilktomeat.com and marriage TV Show personality on “A Better US”

“The themes of love, loss, forgiveness, and redemption are beautifully woven throughout One More Tomorrow. Melanie does a masterful job intertwining the lives of Katie, Rachael, Aidan, Zack, and Justin with great honesty and courage. Life is messy. Life is hard. But as Melanie writes, with an authentic relationship with Jesus, you can find grace in everything.” ~ Melinda Estabrooks, International Speaker, TV & Podcast Host of See Hear Love

“One More Tomorrow is a perfectly refreshing read for today! The heroine Katie meets struggles with honesty in a moving portrayal of loss, trust and renewal. Melanie Stevenson takes us on a journey through the twists and turns in life and love, showing us beautifully how God’s grace is indeed sufficient.” ~ Carolyn Weber, award-winning author, speaker and associate professor at Heritage College & Seminary

Soul Focus – Trials

Daily Encouragements for Overcoming Life’s Struggles (31-day Devotional & Journal)

“I have traveled alongside someone who lived the kind of chronic pain that led Melanie to write this devotional journal. The writing is so powerful and authentic, I cried as I read it, feeling the encouragement it holds for all of us, especially for people in pain. I recommend you buy two copies—one for you and one for a friend; it holds the hope we all must share.” Lorna Dueck, Crossroads CEO & Host of Context, Beyond the Headlines

“Melanie has written a book for when we can’t sleep, when we pray through the nights but wonder why God has become so distant and silent, when the physical pain bends our bodies and disables our souls. Keep it on your bedside, buy a few to share and, above all, be mightily comforted.” ~ Valerie Bell, Author, Speaker, CEO Awana

“Melanie is a faithful wife, a devoted mother, a talented painter, and a creative writer who loves Jesus and loves people. Her 30-day devotional, Soul Focus, is practical and challenging, while at the same time constantly encouraging you to focus on God, for He is the One who created you, loves you and desires a relationship with you. Soul Focus will draw you closer to Him. Get ready to be changed.” ~ Erik Bürklin, President of China Partner

“We all go through seasons of immense suffering: sometimes short-lived, sometimes sustained, but always complicated and intense, and usually leading one to feel desperately alone. The gift of author Melanie Stevenson’s devotional Soul Focus reminds us of the very present reality of Emmanuel, or God with us – that we are not alone. We are never alone. And that ultimately, as Melanie puts so beautifully, with every mountain climb comes a breathtaking view.” ~ Carolyn Weber, award-winning author, speaker and associate professor, Heritage College & Seminary

“I very much enjoyed reading Melanie Stevenson’s 30-day devotional and journal. Although she tackles a serious topic, the book is well written with wit and humour, and Stevenson’s spiritual maturity is evident. She encourages the reader to love God without expecting Him to fix all our earthly problems, and to praise God and continue to practice faith in Jesus Christ even in difficult times. I hope you find her devotional as inspiring as I did.” ~ Mark Woll – President, New Apostolic Church Canada


“Melanie has a personal story of hope that she communicates with vulnerability and hope. She offers powerful truth.”  ~ Danielle Strickland, Speaker, Author, Social Justice Advocate

“Melanie is kind and generous with the sharing of her story for the edification of others.” ~ Katie Castro, Co-founder of Little Angels of Honduras, Director of Mission at Conduit