One More Tomorrow (released September 17, 2019)

OneMoreTomorrow_Cover_042919Sometimes a second chance is just an opportunity to get hurt all over again.

It’s been two years. That should be enough time to forget a first love. But Katie Banks is still waiting. Not even Justin Burke, her university classmate, has been able to erase the hurt Aiden Ford inflicted. When Katie accepts a scholarship to study abroad, it places much-needed distance between her and Justin. During her time away, Katie becomes an accomplished artist. But love still alludes her, until a stormy night, a tragic accident, and a hospital stay change everything.

One More Tomorrow explores how carrying hurt, regret, and holding on to our perfect ideas of love, can blind us to the true love that is right before our eyes.

Soul Focus (released November 12, 2019)

SoulFocus_Book_Trials_071619Each of us have our own story of struggle. Trials come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Mine too have arrived in many forms and are the inspiration behind this book. If you’ve picked it up, you may be in the middle of your own trial, or well acquainted with the heartache they bring. It’s my hope that within these pages, you’ll find comfort and encouragement as you face your hardship, or as you tackle the mourning process after it. You’re not alone. God will supply all your needs according to his riches. May he be your Soul Focus.

Insightful and thought-provoking, Soul Focus offers daily, life-giving encouragement as you face hardship, or struggle to make sense of trials in their aftermath. Journaling pages are included throughout for your own inspirations and reflections.