TV Appearances

Word of the Year See Hear Love

I was honored to appear on See Hear Love with host Melinda Estabrooks alongside Ann Voskamp, Cheryl Nembhard, and Linda Cho. Join us as we discuss our Word of the Year and why we chose it.

Watch: See Hear Love – Word of the Year


see hear love - specialI was thrilled to be a guest on the 175th See Hear Love episode where we celebrate this milestone and chat about friendship.

Watch: See Hear Love – 1-Hour Special


Isle of Misfits

Isle of Misfits

What a delight to be on this New Year’s podcast with Nancy Carmichael for The Isle of Misfits. We have fun playing a game about first world problems, chat about why I wrote my devotional, Soul Focus, and discuss what you’ll find within its pages.

Listen to:  Isle of Misfits Podcast

Jesus, Pie, & Coffee

I had such a fun time chatting with Tara on the Jesus, Pie, and Coffee podcast! We covered a lot of ground including how to appreciate paintings, making time for writing, travelling through pain, my books, and of course—pie! I hope you’ll have a listen and be encouraged in your journey!

Listen to: Jesus, Pie, & Coffee Podcast

Radio Interviews

I chat with host Ron Hughes at HopeStreamRadio about my book, Soul Focus. During the interview we discuss what inspired me to write my devotional journal and how it’s my desire that it will offer comfort and hope to anyone facing trials.

Listen to: HopeStreamRadio Interview – Interview #189


My first radio interview for my novel, One More Tomorrow, with Greg Bullen who hosts “Off the Bookshelf” at WMPC, the oldest Christian radio station in the United States!

Listen to: “Off the Bookshelf” Interview– 2019/09/25

Author Series


The Beaver Dam Chats 

Selected readings from my devotional Soul Focus read aloud beside a beaver dam.

Watch videos at: Melanie Stevenson Instagram

prayerjounal2The Journal Journeys Series

Selected readings from my prayer journals read aloud.

Watch videos at: Melanie Stevenson Instagram