Story Tellers

Everyone has a story.

Each story is sacred and beautiful and composed of both broken and glorious moments. We carry these stories like artwork scrawled into our souls: a vast array of imprints and scars, beauty and brokenness. Like fingerprints—like us—no two stories are the same.

Stories are made to be told. To be heard. To be understood.


Yesterday, I had a book signing in our local mall. My favourite part about book signings is the people and the stories they share. At signings, or other times when I explain the theme of my devotional (Soul Focus: Trials), I’ve had the privilege of hearing various stories from other’s lives—precious and profound stories.

At yesterday’s signing, I heard from a woman who told me she had overdosed a few months prior. She had been resuscitated after being unresponsive for several minutes. She said she wouldn’t have made it through these past few months without God. Now she attends a local church and AA meetings three times per week.

I cannot know the strength and courage it has taken this woman to come this far, but I know the One she professes carried her this far. And I know that he is more than capable to exact whatever mending needs to occur. He is the One who is truly bringing her back to life.

You see, no matter how messy, how broken, how unfixable things look in your story, the One who came at Christmas can beautifully rewrite it. He takes what appears ruined and rebuilds it. He is the Restorer. He makes all things new.


He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” (Revelation 21:4-5)

Sharing our stories of struggle helps others feel less alone in theirs. The telling tears down barriers that convince us we must portray perfect to be accepted. Sharing dissolves walls that would otherwise separate us from authentic interactions and the solidarity of other souls.

This was the sentiment in writing my devotional book: to encourage others that they aren’t alone in their trials. That not only does everyone experience struggles but that God is with us throughout each one. At my book launch last week, I invited three others to share their stories of struggle. My hope was that in the telling, others would be comforted that they aren’t alone in their difficulties or pain.


Yesterday was the first day of advent. During this season, we celebrate that Jesus came. We anticipate that he will come again. We rest in the knowledge that He is with us in Spirit, here and now. No matter what our stories look like, no matter how broken or messy they seem, Jesus—God with us—came. He will never leave us.

His story—intersected with our story—changes everything.


  1. What would you change about your story?
  2. Invite God in and let him begin the restoration.


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